We are just a couple of people who’s health has been negatively affected by the pesticides and herbicides that has been put into our food supply. We decided to take control of what we eat from large corporations who only care about the bottom line, to ourselves who care about our bottom line/waistline.

While we were discussing ideas on a trip home to Cleveland from the Northeast, we thought to grow the food of the people of the very diverse St. Clair/Superior neighborhood that we live in. It is home to different ethnic groups from around the world, and all eat foods that are native to their former homelands.


Our neighborhood has been devastated by the foreclosure crisis and slumlords who have let the properties deteriorate to the point of demolition, all within 20 years. So now we have acres of vacant lots that can be used for purposes other than housing. Like growing food for instance 🙂

We are trying to secure two lots a few houses down from where we live so that we can start a food freedom and educational movement in our neighborhood.


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