Project Update IV

Sorry for this late update, this happened several weeks ago…
We had a pretty good week this week, we were able to get some things done. We looked at the back corner of one of the lots and groaned. We looked at each other, closed our eyes, breathed deeply and set to work.
Removing Debris for Planting

Removing Debris for Planting

There was a lot of garbage to throw away. We decided to keep the bricks, concrete, and sandstone. There was also a very large branch that broke off from our neighbor’s tree.

Found Five Garter Snakes!

Found Five Garter Snakes!

In the midst of the cleanup, we found Garter Snakes and got pretty excited because they are very helpful when it comes to getting rid of certain pests such as slugs, ants, crickets, and rodents. And they are too cute!

Put Mixture of Compost and Manure into the Hole

Mixed Compost and Manure

For the next tree to plant, we did what we learned in a workshop at OSU Extension and mixed compost, manure and soil from the site. We dug a hole deep enough so that the graft will be a little higher than the ground, and wide enough for the roots to fit comfortably.

Honey Crisp Apple Tree

Honey Crisp Apple Tree

The end result is a newly planted, healthy Honey Crisp Apple Tree!

Next, we tackled the planting of the red haven peach tree, the last of the five.

Red Haven Peach Tree

Red Haven Peach Tree

When we finished planting the tree, we breathed a sigh of relief because it took a few weeks before we put the last tree in and we were worried because we were told to put the trees in asap, but it took us a lot longer than we thought it would.

While we were out in the garden, we saw a landscaping company cleaning damage from a recent storm at the school across the street from the garden and asked if they would dump their load, they said yes and we got free leaf delivery along with a lot of garbage.

Free leaves

Free leaves

Because of the surprise leaf delivery, we had to build a compost bin on the fly, so this is what we came up with.

Compost Bin

Some neighborhood kids helped us to build and shovel leaves into the bin. We would have finished moving the pile of leaves into the bin, but we had to sift the garbage out of the pile so it took us a lot longer, and we had to stop early because of rain.



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