Project Update 2

We had a good week last week. We went to the Summer Sprout Garden Leader Kickoff at the Slovenian National Home on St. Clair Ave. and received our seeds, signed the license with the city, and networked. We got 71 packets of seeds even though we were supposed to get 75. That was our mistake, I guess we lost track of how many we were getting.

Coca Cola Cleveland Bottling Company generously donated five, fifty-five gallon food grade plastic barrels for our project.  We will use them for a rain catchment system. Thank you!

photo 1

We scavenged some pallets, sandstone pieces, and cinderblocks for our garden project.


We picked up fruit trees: Apple (Honeycrisp), Sweet Cherry, Nectarine (Fantasia) and two Peach (Cresthaven, Redhaven). We also received strawberries (everbearing), blackberries, and raspberries; all from the Summer Sprout Program.

Last but not least, we put up our temporary sign.
photo 4


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