DigIn! Session 1

We are so excited to have started the “DigIn!” program conducted by the Ohio State University Extension of Cuyahoga County. There are about 25-30 people in our class, and it is a very diverse group from around the city of Cleveland and Cuyahoga County.

Before we got started, we all introduced ourselves to the class, we spoke about our project and where it is located. After we introduced ourselves, there was an icebreaker to help us learn a little more about our classmates, which was really nice.

After the icebreaker we started the first session which was about learning the initial steps to organizing and selecting a community garden site.  We learned about: different ways to find vacant land and the land owner,  whether to buy, lease or rent property according to the circumstances, and how to navigate the city and county planning websites.

They also touched on assessing the site, to see if it is suitable for gardening. They gave us a site assessment checklist to help guide us, and to help us think about things we may not consider when looking at a potential site.

Up next: Session 2 – Developing a Site Plan


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