Channel of Peace Garden Project

This spring we will be initiating our Channel of Peace Project. We plan to utilize various gardening techniques such as: raised beds, straw bale, keyhole, and hoop house. Our aim is to engage our fellow St. Clair/Superior neighborhood residents in a community building effort centered in the garden.

We’ve chosen two vacant lots that are right next to each other, so we have around 7,000 square feet which for us is a lot of room to garden.  We have been accepted into the Summer Sprout Program that is run by The Ohio State University Extension in Cuyahoga County, and we are very excited about it. We have also been accepted into the 2014 Dig In! program and will be taking an 8 week course starting January 30.

We applied for and received a grant from Neighborhood Connections and Cuyahoga Arts and Culture who are co-sponsors of our project. This project would have been a lot tougher to get started if it wasn’t for the funding from Neighborhood Connections and Cuyahoga Arts and Culture, thank you for believing in and supporting our project.

Any support in the form of a few kind words, donations, a helping hand, and/or prayers… are most welcome and appreciated!

Ethni-City Gardens


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